It’s our passion
to advance both,
business and people.

Highest quality, lowest treshold

You can expect the utmost quality of advice combined with relaxed and less formal way of working and communicating. The content and substance must be better than good; far-sighted and resourceful. And the way of working? In our opinion this could be nice and accessible. It will be easy to find the right person to get in touch with. This ensures a quick and good understanding of the issues raised. Sound normal? To us it does.

Complex issues; answers easy to understand

We do not work for -, but with our clients. This also requires you to provide insight in your organisation and motives. But is also requires a lot from us. That we truly delve ourselves within your business and go beyond the front door. To look further and broader then you initially might think. That we make certain connections by which we keep in mind that a solution on the left may cause a gap on the right. To keep looking forward. That we put your issue of today in tomorrow’s perspective. We place remuneration in the perspective of cost mitigation, employee engagement, productivity, efficiency and innovation. Which quick-wins we might strive, a sustainable remuneration and HR policy with social consensus is our measure for success.

Clear explanation of scenario’s

You can expect the necessary empathy from us. We will not provide you with reports on the risks of legislative changes. We place legislative changes in the perspective of your organization and business. What effect could they have on your processes and relationships with clients or third parties? We provide a clear explanation of the opportunities and risks, provided to you in different scenarios. Practical and understandable. We think out loud. Which direction should it go? What suits your organization best? So that your decision can be thoughtful one.

Within the rule set, outside the beaten track

It’s satisfying to spot opportunities that lead to a competitive advantage. In order to do so, a deep understanding of entrepreneurship, of the (developments within) the market and the laws and regulations is important. We gained many years of knowledge and experience by working for the big4 companies in our market, which also gave us a creative way of thinking. Approaching your issue in the broadest sense, in terms of tax and employment law and in the light of future challenges, leads to inventive scenarios with new openings and opportunities.