Incentive will help you
in developing a sustainable
Human Resource policy.

Implementation of questions

How is the split between fixed employees and contingent workers? Can your employees work abroad without any trouble? How do you get a grip on the use of contingent workers within your organisation? What are the long-term chances and risks regarding your (contingent) personnel? Incentive provides insight- and implementation of the possibilities, provided to you in clear scenario’s.

Grip on (future) Human Resource policy

More and more, companies are intrinsically motivated to get a grip on their employee file. What motivates them is not only the control of the processes or mitigation of the risks. What also motivates is the desire to get the most out of the opportunities given and to be prepared for future scenario’s. Certain developments such as Robotics and Artificial Intelligence will speed up the urge to start thinking about your future employee population. We are able to help you define a strategic policy in mitigation the tax risks. For example by designing and implementing a Tax Control Framework, via which we place the opportunities spotted for your business in a more broader strategic HRM and Future of Work perspective.

Our focus area’s


While working and trading abroad become more easy, the tax- and legal legislation is getting tightened. Within the EU, notification obligations have been implemented – and additional employment terms and conditions will be in place when working abroad. All implemented per country on an individual but different level. Together with you, we will set up a process to get the required level of compliance. As a result, there will be no gaps in your estimation of the costs of working across the border.

Contingent workers

One-third of the Dutch labour market consist of temporary – or contingent workers, which part is still growing. Laws, regulations as well as the public debate surrounding the contingent workers is subject to changes on a regular basis. Aligning the tax and legal components will not only avoid risks. It will also lead to cost reduction and subsequently to higher margins. We will ensure that your employee population has an optimal design. Our people have tremendous experience with the contingent workforce and are in close contact with Employer’s organisations as well as the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs. We have a great sense of feeling with the development in society which you will experience when connecting with us and the scenario’s we provide you with.

Public sector

Common topics within the public sector are: hiring of staff, chain liability, top income standardisation, attractive employment terms & conditions, Dutch Work Cost Regulation and mergers/acquisitions. Mastering and controlling these topics are high on the agenda of the management board as well as the authorities, mainly given by laws, regulations and public debate. Incentive is familiar with the public sector and helps u operate within the (tax and legal) framework given.

Social Security

A major cost item for employers are social security contributions. The level of social insurance contributions is increasingly dependent on remunirationpolicy. Flexible work results in higher contributions and a high absence rate due to illness can also have a negative effect on contributions or costs. This means that the employer can make significant savings by taking a critical look at the remuneration policy. You can think of Whk optimization, bearing own risks, flexible staff rate compared to permanent staff, absenteeism policy, but also subsidy possibilities. We are happy to help you to get (more) control on these themes.

Would like to discuss your issue? Lets talk about:

> Tax effective remuneration
> Contract design
> Hiring staff and contingent workers

> Top income standards
> Hiring of self-employed personnel
> Tax legislation, Collective labour law, etc.

> Work Cost Regulation (Dutch: Werkkostenregeling)
> Hiring- and chain liability, both tax and labour law.
> Use and taxation of company cars
> Audit support