Incentive will help you
in developing a sustainable
Human Resource policy.

Implementation of questions

How is the split between fixed employees and contingent workers? Can your employees work abroad without any trouble? How do you get a grip on the use of contingent workers within your organisation? What are the long-term chances and risks regarding your (contingent) personnel? Incentive provides insight- and implementation of the possibilities, provided to you in clear scenario’s.

Grip on (future) Human Resource policy

More and more, companies are intrinsically motivated to get a grip on their employee file. What motivates them is not only the control of the processes or mitigation of the risks. What also motivates is the desire to get the most out of the opportunities given and to be prepared for future scenario’s. Certain developments such as Robotics and Artificial Intelligence will speed up the urge to start thinking about your future employee population. We are able to help you define a strategic policy in mitigation the tax risks. For example by designing and implementing a Tax Control Framework, via which we place the opportunities spotted for your business in a more broader strategic HRM and Future of Work perspective.

Our focus area’s


Contingent workers

Public sector

Social Security

Would like to discuss your issue? Lets talk about:

> Tax effective remuneration
> Contract design
> Hiring staff and contingent workers

> Top income standards
> Hiring of self-employed personnel
> Tax legislation, Collective labour law, etc.

> Work Cost Regulation (Dutch: Werkkostenregeling)
> Hiring- and chain liability, both tax and labour law.
> Use and taxation of company cars
> Audit support